An explanation

I guess I should more thoroughly explain the title of my blog, not only for you (the reader), but for myself, to point in a certain direction of “forwardness” (as opposed to backwardness?) and to document how stupid I was in my younger (and more vulnerable) years.

Louder Than Bombs is a vision, a double entendre. Libraries are stereotyped as being “quiet places”, but Librarians are the biggest proponents for truth in the age of lies (cue All Out War). We fight for social justice. We fight for a free internet. We fight for freedom of information, and fair and equitable copyright policies. We are, in a sense, louder than bombs in the online stratosphere. We are urged to be active in social media and make our voices heard. We are the political science majors of the information world; cutting edge information specialists who don’t take no shit from nobody.

At least, that’s what I hope for.


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